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How to Sleep Well? 11 Tips for Better Sleep


Sleeping disorders are not inevitable. It is often enough to follow a few rules to find the pleasure of a good night. Activities and drinks to banish, the comfort of the room … Follow our advice to fall asleep better and better.

Avoid Caffeine and Theine

This tip will hurt all fans of coffee. It’s best to have your last espresso after lunch. Similar to tea and cola drinks, you should stop drinking them after 4 pm. Drinking herbal tea (linden, verbena, chamomile or orange blossom, valerian, hawthorn, and hops), or warm milk will help you sleep well.

No Sport at Night

The sport is an excellent way for the health, but it will increase your heart rate, body temperature and awaken your body and finally disrupt the biological rhythm. It is better to program your sports activities such as jogging, gymnastics or swimming session in the morning or during the lunch break rather than the evening. Actually, from 7.00 pm, the body temperature starts dropping, it’s a sign that the body is prepared for rest.  If your daily routine does not allow you to play your sport during the day, you can take a warm shower, and wait at least 2 hours after the end of your activity before bedtime.

No Heavy Dinner

Having heavy dinners before going to bed is not good before bed. Instead of eating red meat, spicy dishes, it prefers to have raw vegetables, white bread, pasta, fish and vegetables, and all dairy products for your dinner. These foods contain an amino acid called tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin hormone! Finally, two hour before bedtime is good because digestion increases your body temperature.

A Warm Bath

Do not take a hot bath at night for preparing yourself before bed! Because body temperature decreases at night. It’s the right way to have a shower with warm water (37 °C maximum) to calm you down.

Follow Your Circadian Rhythm

When you yawn, shiver and your eyes start tingling… It’s time, go to bed!

Falling asleep is organized in cycles known as circadian rhythm, if you miss your “sleeping time”, you will have to wait for the next one!

If you break your pattern by watching the end of your favorite movie, finishing your book, or hanging out with friends at night, it will be harder and harder for you to fall asleep. Then the solution is to try, whenever possible, to go to bed and get up every day at approximately the same time.

Watch Out for Screens

Stop watching television, playing video games or smartphone at least 1 hour before your bedtime will help you fall asleep better. Blue light emits by these device is close to a daylight that will trigger your waking up mechanism.

Forget Your Worries

Forget about paying taxes, accounting or correcting your copies! Try to put yourself in a relaxing condition at least 1 hour before going to bed. For example, do your favorite activity (meditation, knits, painting, reading …) and make your “to-do list” for tomorrow.

The Room, A Place to Go Asleep … And Make Love

A bedroom is not a multi-activity room! On the other hand, you can hug or have sex with your partner. These activities will increase oxytocin (the love hormone). This hormone involves reducing cortisol levels (stress hormone).

A room at the right temperature

In your room, the temperature should be lower to 19 ° C and keep your feet warm! Wearing socks is also a good idea when you are going to bed. Several scientific research demonstrated that warming your feet promotes not only the dilatation of blood vessels but also blood circulation. This will help you to fall asleep easier.

Black and Silence

To have a good night, it is best to get a complete darkness condition and silence for your bedroom. close shutters, buy blackout curtains or a mask. If you have your noisy neighbors or your wife/husband is snoring, purchase your own earplugs.

A Good Mattress for A Good Night-Time

It’s difficult to have a nice dream when your partner moves slightly at night and makes you wake up on a deformed mattress. It is recommended that you should change your mattress every 10 years. How old is yours?

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